Bitcoin Code Review: Is the Robot a Scam or Not?

Are you curious about the trading robot Bitcoin Code? Then you might also have asked yourself the question: Does it work, or is it a scam? We wondered the same thing and decided to test how it works in practice. Our conclusion is that the Bitcoin Code is not a scam! It works to the highest degree.

In this article you can read more about our experiences and learn everything you need to know to get started with cryptotrading yourself, using the Bitcoin Code.

  • 89% success rate
  • 250€ minimum deposit
  • Not a scam

Official link to Bitcoin Code:

Experiences of Bitcoin Code

Prior to our own test of Bitcoin Code, we tried to read as much as possible about the trading robot. It happens that some people claim that it is a scam and that is exactly what we wanted to investigate.

The robot itself is based on software with sophisticated algorithms that can automatically trade cryptocurrency. The program is based on artificial intelligence and is quite advanced. Therefore, it is a good idea to carefully consider how it should be set to maximize its potential. However, the bottom line is not a scam but a legitimate tool for automated Bitcoin trading.

The Bitcoin Code can be used to trade both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using an advanced trading robot. It is you yourself who set the risk level and other things based on your own wishes, which makes it safe and you can constantly monitor the robot’s decision.

Bitcoin Code homepage

Official link to Bitcoin Code:

Is Bitcoin Code Reliable?

On the Bitcoin Code website there are many praise and good reviews, as well as success stories from people who made big money with the help of the bottom.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these reviews are there for a reason, to entice you to try it out with the hope of earning the big bucket. It is worth having some skepticism, but our assessment is that the Bitcoin Code is absolutely profitable, but you may not have expectations of making life-changing money from the beginning.

Anyway, the website is neat, easy to see and clear. In addition, there is a gauge on the profits generated by the Bitcoin Code, which is constantly updated. Bitcoin Code is a serious product that offers the opportunity to make money, but it has to have realistic expectations of what it can achieve in a short time.

Our results when testing Bitcoin Code

We tested the Bitcoin Code and here we present our results from these tests:

  • Over 80% of the trades carried out by the robot achieved profits
  • The Bitcoin Code works in practice and is therefore not a scam
  • It is important to keep an eye on the robot continuously to reduce the risk of loss
  • It is wise to limit your initial deposits
  • There are risks with automatic trading, there is never a 100% guarantee of profit

Bitcoin Code prides itself on making up to $ 13,000 a day with the help of their trading robot. However, we can neither confirm nor deny this as we only tested trading with smaller sums.

To achieve such results you would probably need to put in a lot more, which may not be advisable, at least not when you are just getting started. However, we were able to confirm good results based on a lower deposit level.

Here’s how to register with Bitcoin Code

Registering and getting started with the Bitcoin Code is quick and easy. You fill in personal information, contact and so on, and then you are asked to verify your application via email that you receive in your inbox. Then you make your first deposit and can get started with Bitcoin Code. Here’s how registration goes, step by step:

Step 1: Register


Bitcoin Code Register

It does not cost anything to apply. You fill in your information and wait for a confirmation email. Once you have followed the instructions in the email it is clear and you are registered. Click here to go to Bitcoin Code.

Step 2: You get an account

Once verified, your account will automatically be linked to the online broker. Then a deposit request is followed to get you started properly.

Step 3: Deposit money


You will see a button that says deposit. Click on it to get to something called Fore2Crypto. There, you deposit money through one of the following options:

  • Credit / Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard)
  • GeoTrust
  • PCI

Deposits can be made from 250 Euro, which is a reasonable level for most people to get started with. It is also possible to make larger deposits, up to 15,000 Euro.

Bitcoin Code, Deposit

Step 4: Time for trading

When you start shopping, it is you who sets exactly how you want your trade to go. You can choose from several different cryptocurrencies, both Bitcoin and other more or less known currencies are available.

It is pretty self-explanatory once you are inside the control panel of the Bitcoin Code. You start by choosing what risk you want your trade to have. With more risk comes greater potential, but at the same time increased risk of losing your invested capital.

The platform also has an option for manually managing the trade. However, it is more common for people to choose to let the robot do it, which is why they chose the Bitcoin Code from the beginning. When shopping automatically, you only need to adjust the purchase size and what profit you want to take home.

Bitcoin Code Trading

Advantages and disadvantages of using Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code has many advantages, making it a recommended product. Some benefits are:

  • Demo Account – It is possible to start a demo account to try before using real money.
  • High profit share – In our tests, the robot managed to deliver profits in over 80% of all trades.
  • Confirmed – We can confirm that the robot is working, it is not a scam.
  • Easy withdrawals – It’s easy to get your money out anytime around the clock.
  • Secure – Bitcoin Code has good security, with smart verification process and a broker who keeps track of the money you deposit.
  • Support – There is an active support that can be reached around the clock if needed.

There are some disadvantages that we must also address. These are the disadvantages we found:

  • Brokerage – Bitcoin Code charges 13% when you shop. At the same time, this is offset by the high profit margin and you are likely to earn this money quickly.
  • Requires Attention – It is recommended that you keep an eye on the trading robot and check it regularly. So it will not be a completely passive income, but you have to be with a little neighbor and see that everything flows on.
  • Risk – There is always a risk with this type of crypto trading. It is important to be careful and have some control.


We can see that the Bitcoin Code works and it is not a scam. It may not be possible to make as much money as they themselves are trying to make it, at least not without entering into a fairly large capital from the beginning. We recommend taking it a bit calmer at first, but the product works and manages to deliver profit in most cases.

All in all, Bitcoin Code is one of the most interesting investment opportunities out there on the market right now. They may be marketing themselves a bit optimistic, but we know that you can make a lot of money on the robot, with only a small investment.

  • 89% success rate
  • 250€ minimum deposit
  • Not a scam

Official link to Bitcoin Code:

No. It is possible to trade with the robot and deposits and withdrawals work as they should. With patience and a cautious approach, Bitcoin Code can be very profitable.

Yes, Bitcoin Code is legal to trade. So far, there are no regulations for this type of instrument so it’s good to be careful and only risk money you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin Code is an intelligent software that uses algorithms to trade cryptocurrency. It is you who uses the one that sets, for example, how much you want to trade for, how many trades to make and so on.