Bitcoin Loophole Review: Scam or legit? (Honest review)

A Brief Insight into Bitcoin Loophole

Before we tell you whether we found Bitcoin Loophole trustworthy or not, let us give you a brief intro of this app. Bitcoin Loophole is a software that excels in automated trading and makes its users profits by buying and selling bitcoin when the market is hot! It often touts its massive success rate i.e. 88%. 

This app has amassed recognition due to its user-friendly nature. Now, you don’t have to be a professional belonging to the world of finance in order to avail the perks of bitcoin. All you need is determination £250 to turn your trading dreams into reality.

Although Bitcoin Loophole is easy to use (especially for beginners) and its ads often pop up on different social media platforms, should you trust it? Well, to find out this answer for you, we tested the software in question. We changed the trading settings to suit our requirements and here’s what we have to say about this bitcoin robot…


Is Bitcoin Loophole Genuine?

Before trusting Bitcoin Loophole with our investment, we were quite hesitant because a plethora of reviews posted online weren’t… glowing ones. After we tested the app from all dimensions including software analysis, security, user testimonials, we found the app to be a genuine one. It doesn’t collect any undisclosed fee or miscellaneous charges from the user and can earn them impressive profits, as advertised on its website.

Moreover, it boasts a demo account that you can open for free. The demo account allows you to learn the trading process and metrics followed by Bitcoin Loophole. So, you can get hands-on experience with bitcoin trading before you can start investing real money.


Bitcoin Loophole: Our Experience!

After running and studying Bitcoin Loophole in detail, these are our findings:  

  • We deem the app completely genuine after thoroughly testing it
  • Its success rate is supposed to peak at 92%
  • Despite of its reliability, the risks associated with auto-trading can’t be disregarded
  • It’s best to initially deposit the minimum required amount i.e. £250, even if you can spare more than that.

How to Use Bitcoin Loophole?

According to the people behind Bitcoin Loophole, the app boasts an impeccable algorithm that researches the ongoing market trends in a matter of minutes. Not only that but it also claims that it is 0.1 second ahead of the market, due to which it assures the user of their trades turning out to be profitable.  

In order to use it, you must register on the platform and deposit £250 to enable live trading. After that, the automated software takes control and adds your money to the amount collected from all users across the globe. When the time is right, it invests all the money to reap hefty profits for all its users!


How to Create a Bitcoin Loophole Profile?

It’s very simple; just follow the steps below to register on the platform and start trading.

Firstly, Register!

Head over to the Bitcoin Loophole website and find the sign-up form, which is completed in three steps which are:

  • Enter full name and email address
  • Choose a password that is a combination of numbers and letters in addition to being 6 – 10 characters long
  • Select your country and provide your phone number

Secondly, Deposit

After successfully creating an account, you can directly opt for trading with real money by choosing “start trading”. You can invest any amount starting from £250. You can pay via credit cards, debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney and more, based on your location. Bitcoin and Ethereum are also valid modes of payment!

Or, Go for Demo Trading

By opting Demo Trading, you can understand the functionalities of the platform and gain hands-on experience with trading without risking real money. How it works is that you will be assigned a balance of £1500 for trading purposes. Once you enable auto-trading, you will be shown how the platform works with your investment. Once you learn the basics, you can start investing real money.

Finally, Trade!

Once you make the deposit, you are recommended to change the trading settings as per your requirements. From daily stop loss to maximum trades every day, there is so much that you can control! After making the necessary changes, you can enable the auto-trading mode and let the robot do its work!


Why Bitcoin Loophole is the Answer to your Trading Needs?

While you can find dozens of trading robots in the current age, very few have the tools to edge-out Bitcoin Loophole. There are countless reasons why this app is recommended by many trading experts and enthusiasts. Here’s what you can expect from Bitcoin Loophole:

  • Easy to Use: The platform provided by Bitcoin Loophole is made for everyone that possesses the itch to be known as a bitcoin trader. It’s easy to learn and use.
  • Deposit & Withdraw: Once you deposit the minimum investment amount i.e. £250, you can immediately start trading. When it comes to the withdrawal process, it is completed in less than 24 hours as opposed to other robots that require weeks.
  • User Testimonials: One of the main reasons behind Bitcoin Loophole’s popularity is its credibility. It has a success rate of nearly 90% and the user testimonials on the website confirm this claim.
  • Brokers: Authentic online brokers are responsible for regulating the funds.
  • Variety: You can or can’t trade with different digital coins.
  • Effective Customer Service: The Customer Support Service of Bitcoin Loophole is top-notch and we are speaking so highly of it because we have tested it. They claim to remain available 24/7 to assist users.

Option to open a free demo account, lack of undisclosed charges and security are some other features that make this app one of the best.


Generating Profits with Bitcoin Loophole: What you should know!

While the official website of Bitcoin Loophole states that users can make as much as £13000 in profits daily, we would recommend you to not set this as your daily target as well in order to avoid catastrophic results.

Your investment is valuable and to play safely, we urge you to follow these guidelines:

  1. Make sure that your initial investment is no more than £250. It’s always a good practice to start small and progress steadily.
  2. Once you start profiting, ensure to withdraw 1/4th of the amount before reinvesting the remaining balance.
  3. Don’t stop learning, no matter how much experience you attain. Spare some time to watch relevant videos and seek experts’ advice.
  4. As the cryptocurrency market isn’t stable, never ever pour out all your resources to make a massive investment. Invest only what you can easily let go of.

Bitcoin Loophole Review: The Result!

While it’s often said that the reward is only as high as the risk taken to achieve it, you can make a decent amount on Bitcoin Loophole without going all out. While you are more likely to make less profits than what is mentioned in the user testimonials that way, Bitcoin Loophole still stands as a highly popular and credible platform that has a close to perfect success rate of turning your investment into profit. As you find yourself excelling on the platform, you can keep on increasing the investment amount to reap larger profits.

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  • Easy to use
  • Accepts payment card
  • Phone support
  • 87% success rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Loophole a Fraud?

No, Bitcoin Loophole claims to boast a success rate that hinges between 88% and 92%. It is a credible service and the user testimonials on the website are a clear indication of that.

Is a Minimum Amount Required to Start Trading on this Platform?

Yes, you need to deposit funds worth at least £250 before you can enjoy auto-trading on this platform.

Has Bitcoin Loophole been featured on Social Media?

Rumours often circulate around the web about various websites featuring Bitcoin Loophole including Reddit and YouTube.

Is Bitcoin Loophole Backed by Celebrities?

Even though it is strongly rumoured that Peter Jones, Dragon and Irish entrepreneur, has endorsed Bitcoin Loophole, it was confirmed to be a hoax by the official twitter account of The Dragon.

Other well-known personalities that were caught in this rumour rail are Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Jim Davidson and Charlie Brake. For what it’s worth, all of these personalities have denied, in one way or another, any involvement with Bitcoin Loophole.

Is there a Downloadable Mobile App for Bitcoin Loophole?

As for now, it seems like Bitcoin Loophole doesn’t have an official smartphone app on either App Store or Google Play. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t launch this software on your mobile phones. You can easily use it on your phones, pads and tablets as long as you have a stable internet connection, since this software runs on browsers.