Bitcoin Miner Review: Scam or Legit? Find out right here

You may well know about Bitcoin Miner if you’ve been looking into crypto mining. The platform has been marketed aggressively as a bitcoin mining software capable of making investors around £2,000 daily. Is it really as legit and above board as it sounds?

Our review is based on reviews by actual users. User testimonials have been used to determine yes money can be made using the platform. They also report the software uses legitimate tech, familiar in the trading industry. The basic premise of the Bitcoin Miner software is to mine cryptocurrencies using your IoT devices.

Is Bitcoin Miner Really Legit?

The evidence suggests Bitcoin Miner is indeed legit. They use well-established trading tech that has been used by big crypto mining pools over the years. Most people who use Bitcoin Miner have reported they have made consistent profits.

On further inspection, their testimonials reveal the customer service offered by Bitcoin Miner is first-class. It often takes under a minute for inquiries to be responded to whether you use the live chat or the telephone line. The company also operate with a high level of transparency, providing all the important information related to Bitcoin Maker, such as the founders and the fee mechanisms With scam bitcoin and crypto robots that information doesn’t tend to be available freely.

It’s also important to note Bitcoin Miner considers the safety of its users as a priority. They have SSL protection on their website and don’t take any information they don’t need.

  • Bitcoin Miner, according to our own research and user reviews is completely legit and operational.
  • It scores high on consistency, transparency and reputability – these are the metrics you should always rely on to determine the legitimacy of a platform.
  • Reviews have reported the Bitcoin Miner technology is legit and reliable.
  • Try the platform right now or keep reading our review to find out more.

So, what is Bitcoin Miner?

In the space of just a couple of years, crypto mining has risen to become one of the most lucrative ways to make money through investments in the world. There are many bitcoin and crypto investors who claim they have made not just millions but billions from an investment that essentially starts as nothing.

Although it has been available to just about anyone who wanted to try it, Bitcoin mining has become popular with big businesses and companies who use powerful machines to do it. With the increasing availability of bitcoins, the demand for mining new coins means an increase in the necessary computer power. There’s also the fact that with the cryptocurrencies that are harder to mine for, the return is higher. This is why there’s no way an individual can mine for them alone.

With Bitcoin Miner, you’re able to make money by grouping the idle computing power you have access to and using it with the goal of mining for cryptocurrencies. This opens it up to enabling anyone to participate and making a profit.

How Does Bitcoin Miner Actually Work?

The software connects any IoT device you have sitting idle to a mining pool where its computing power is then contributed to the total the pool has access to. The software is then left running in the background, enabling those devices to mine and as a reward you receive bitcoins.

All you need to do to get started is register with the Bitcoin Miner website and download the app. After that, you need to let the app run when you’re not using an appropriate device, like your laptop for instance.

Who is the Founder of Bitcoin Miner?

Dan Manson founded Bitcoin Miner. He is a software engineer by trade, but a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has an enviable track record within the market. Manson is believed to have made millions from just crypto mining and is one of the leaders of the industry who is highly regarded for developing the best software.

Over the years he has been responsible for the design and development of many successful crypto robots. The man himself considers Bitcoin Miner to be the best.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Crypto Mining?

As we’ve already stated, with the increasing demand for greater computing power, comes greater rewards. If you have any IoT devices you don’t mind leaving running on idle, while they’re used for a mining pool through a platform like Bitcoin Miner, you could make a lot of money.

Registering and Opening a Bitcoin Miner Account

The process of registering and opening an account with Bitcoin Miner is very easy and safe. It takes under 3 minutes to complete. However, we need to report the company does not accept registrations from some countries.

Below we have put together a step-by-step guide to get you started with Bitcoin Miner.

  1. Opening an Account

You need to head to the website and fill out a simple form, giving them your full name, email address and phone number.

  1. Making a Deposit

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll be taken directly to the Bitcoin Miner deposit page. There you’ll see you need to make a minimum deposit/one-off payment of £250 to gain access to the trading platform. Given how successful the robot is supposed to be, this fee is considered fair by most users. All of the most common payment and withdrawal methods are accepted by Bitcoin Miner, including Bitcoin, Skrill, Web Money, Neteller and cards like Maestro, Mastercard and Visa. Although deposits are made instantly, withdrawals can often take several hours to be processed.

  1. User Instructions

You’re supplied with a full guide through the app on how to install and set Bitcoin Miner up. Though, the process is very simple to follow.

  1. Mining

Mining is done when you leave the app running and your computer on idle. The software takes all the computing power of the idle device and pools it together with other devices by other traders. It’s this power that’s used to mine for cryptocurrencies. The profits are shared out based on how much computing power came from each trader’s device.

Key Features of Bitcoin Miner

  • Pay-outs – The claims are users can make on average, £2,000 a day. Although you may not get this right away or ever, the software is known to use some of the best quality crypto mining tech available.
  • Verification Systems -Verifying your account with Bitcoin Miner is relatively simple and incredibly secure. You just need to give them your full name, phone number and email address.
  • Withdrawal Process – Withdrawals are easy and quick with Bitcoin Miner. You need to fill out a special form and then your funds will be released within 12 hours. There are no additional charges for this process.
  • Fees/Costs – There’s just a simple one-off licence fee for the software of £250. There are no other fees associated with the app.
  • Customer Service – Bitcoin Miner has second-to-none customer service, there are various channels where you can speak to a professional, either by email or live chat, 5 days a week, 24-hours a day. They respond within seconds to most inquiries.

Tips for Making Money Using Bitcoin Miner

Although it works automatically, we thought we would share some tips on how to get the best out of using Bitcoin Miner.

  • Delete any unnecessary programs and files from your computer – as it relies on computing power to mine, you can free up more of the available power your computer has by removing programs and files you don’t need. The more power, remember, you contribute to a pool, the more lucrative your returns will be.
  • Keep your computer up to date – to ensure your computer is running efficiently make sure the software it uses, and the OS are updated regularly
  • Install a reliable antivirus – stop malware from eating away at the computing power of your device by ensuring you have a reliable and powerful antivirus installed on it.
  • Upgrade the RAM – when you update the RAM, you increase the computing power of your device, therefore increasing the profitability.
  • Upgrade the CPU – again, by upgrading your CPU and making it as good as it can be, you increase the amount of computing power you have at your disposal and this means you increase your contribution to the mining pool and will, therefore, make a bigger investment as a result.
  • Keep your computer running – this is the most crucial tip of all. Bitcoin Miner uses your idle computing power. If you want to make as much money as you can from crypto mining using this software, you need to leave your computer running when possible.

Bitcoin Miner – Our Verdict

In summary, based on our own experience, you may not make the reported £2,000 every day you use Bitcoin Miner. As you’ll need to leave your computer running for a long time, which is not always ideal if it’s the laptop you’re currently using for other things. However, Bitcoin Miner is still highly regarded as one of the best cryptocurrency mining platforms out there. You may still be able to make a nice profit, considering it requires a relatively small investment.

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  • Easy to use
  • Accepts payment card
  • Phone support
  • 87% success rate


Is it Legit and Above Board?

Bitcoin Miner is a popular crypto mining software that has been available for several years now and is made by a developer with a good reputation.

How much is it possible to make using it?

The claim is you could make as much as £2,000 a day. Although we personally can’t substantiate that, there are numerous testimonials from users who have had that experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Use?

There’s just a one-off license fee to the tune of £250 to use Bitcoin Miner. Everything else related to the application is free.

Are You Allowed to Make Withdrawals with Bitcoin Miner?

Yes, you can make withdraws of your profits at any point using Bitcoin Miner. It can take up to 12 hours for the process to complete.