Bitcoin Revolution Review: Scam or Legit? Find Out Here

Bitcoin Revolution is a special auto-trading app designed to make trading decisions based on the rising and falling price of bitcoin. The developers of the app claim it can make you thousands of dollars every day and has an 88%-win rate. Is this really true, though?

In our review of Bitcoin Revolution, we are going assess whether it’s as legit as it claims to be.

So, Is Bitcoin Revolution Real or Fake?

The chances are you’ve heard of Bitcoin Revolution either from the Facebook ads out there or it has been endorsed by the likes of Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsey and Elon Musk to name a few famous people and has been profiled on television shows like Shark Tank, This Morning and Dragon’s Den.

These are just clever marketing tactics.

What we will say is – in 2017 the value of bitcoin exceeded £20,000 making many bitcoin traders very rich.

Compared to almost all bitcoin platforms available online, Bitcoin Revolution is unique. The platform automatically trades on your behalf and depending on conditions of the market, can have a stunning 88% success rate.

These impressive results put Bitcoin Revolution at the same level as robots like Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Trader.

Is the Bitcoin Revolution app Genuine or Fake? – Our Verdict

The developers claim to have an extremely high success rate. The app is built on software that uses a tried and tested algorithm.

It’s important to take all risks associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on board due to the volatility involved in trading.

You can try it using this link, or, read the rest of our review to find out more. Remember, you can always start the ball rolling by opening a demo account.

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Bitcoin Revolution – What is it?

Developed in 2017 by veteran Bitcoin brokers, Bitcoin Revolution is a trading app with a difference, it trades automatically on your behalf. The team behind it have made bold claims it trades much faster than the competition, at least 0.01 seconds faster.

Although the creators are unknown, it’s believed they’re a number of brokers who decided to work together to produce the best trading software. They used their collective experience and trading knowhow to tweak the algorithm and produce a user-friendly platform.

Their efforts have ultimately been a success, as many regard Bitcoin Revolution as one of the most effective, though simplistic platforms available.

How Does it Actually Work?

The software is offered free. The team behind the platform will make more money from the volume of trades it generates than they ever would relying on a subscription-based strategy.

Part of what makes Bitcoin Revolution so desirable is how easy it is to use. It really is child’s play and takes no more than 20 minutes.

It’s important you watch the progress of Bitcoin Revolution, rather than just forgetting about it. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, can be very volatile. Therefore, we would advise you only initially £250.

Placing Your First Trade With Bitcoin Revolution

Before you can start trading with Bitcoin Revolution, you need to enter their website and register to create a free account. Although the software can be used in demo mode for free, you need to invest some money to actually start trading with it.

To help you get started, we’ve provided this helpful step-by-step guide.

Registering With Bitcoin Revolution

From the website, you need to give your full name, email address, telephone number and then create a password. You’ll need to log into your account to verify it.

Free Demo Account

As noted earlier, there’s a demo version of Bitcoin Revolution available. If you select to give the demo account a try, you’ll be given a quick tour through its functionalities. To give you a taster and test it out, you’re granted a credit £1,500.

This money can be used to perform demo trades, to help you practice using the system before you invest real money. You just need to click the button marked Auto Trade and let Bitcoin Revolution do the rest.

The Live Account

If you don’t want to try the demo account or already have you can then head to the trading room. This is where you can set Bitcoin Revolution to trade Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies, the way you want. Some of the main features here include:

  • Control Panel – this is where you can see your portfolio settings and progress and enables you to adjust and manage how the software behaves.
  • Trading History – this details all transactions you’ve made on the platform, both the good and bad.
  • Open Transactions – this gives you the opportunity to watch the operations console live, giving you an insight into how well Bitcoin Revolution is performing at any given time.
  • Go Live Account/ Demo – this allows you to switch between the type of account you want to use – demo or live.

Along with Bitcoin, you can also trade Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum through this platform. You can choose to trade either against USD or Euros or Crypto against Crypto. After you’ve chosen the trade pairs, you just need to choose the amount of concurrently running trades you want to rude and the starting trade amount for each trade.

After you’ve adjusted the settings the way you want them, all you need to do is make your first deposit and click the button marked Auto-trade to begin.

Making a Deposit

After you’ve looked at the options open to you and are ready to proceed with a Live account, the only thing you need to do is make that first deposit and let the software do the rest.

Bitcoin Revolution accepts Visa, Mastercard and other debit and credit cards, including Discover Network, American Express and Neteller.

Key Features of Bitcoin Revolution

  • Pay-outs – According to the website, users can expect to earn approximately £1,300 every day they trade. If you’re just a beginner, it’s unlikely you’ll earn that much to start with. That doesn’t mean Bitcoin Revolution is not the best place to start, as you’re still likely to make some profit, even if its smaller than the claimed amount.
  • Verification System – the platform uses a simple verification system, whereby you need to register by providing your full name, phone number and email address. When you want to make a deposit, you need to provide your payment details. All you need to supply is your card number, expiration date and verification code.
  • Withdrawals and Deposits – According to our tests, it took less than a day to have our withdrawal request processed. You’re free to make withdrawals at any time, and it will often take less than 24 hours.
  • Costs/Fees – there are no hidden costs or fees with Bitcoin Revolution.
  • User Testimonials – there are various statements on the website from genuine users who have made a profit using Bitcoin Revolution.
  • Customer Service – the customer service team is available 24/7 through email or live chat. They’re friendly, professional and very helpful.
  • Brokers – as a crypto trading platform, it needs funds from online brokers. When you set up the robot in its auto-trading mode, your money is passed through to a broker who then invests. The brokers the system uses are some of the market’s best and very reliable.

Why Use Bitcoin Revolution

  • It’s user-friendly
  • It has a reportedly high success rate
  • There are tutorials and a demo account available
  • 24/7 customer service

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Revolution?

There are many who are sceptical about Bitcoin Revolution and consider it to be a scam like so many others out there. Judging by the testimonials on the website, though, there’s the opportunity and chance to make a nice profit from Bitcoin Revolution.

You need to remember cryptocurrencies are very volatile and therefore risky. If you want to have success with Bitcoin Revolution, we’ve put together some tips below.

  • Always start small
  • Withdraw profits – yes you can reinvest some, but also remember to withdraw some too
  • Follow the advice of experts – use the tutorials and other blogs out there.
  • Only invest money you can afford to lose

Bitcoin Revolution – Our Verdict

Although it’s not likely you’ll make money as advertised on Bitcoin Revolution. To make similar profits to the testimonials, you would need to invest a lot upfront. Maye more than we’d advise. That being said, Bitcoin Revolution might still be one of the best investment opportunities available. It’s definitely overhyped, but there are still a lot of people out there making money with Bitcoin Revolution, even with a small investment.

Bitcoin Code Logo
  • Easy to use
  • Accepts payment card
  • Phone support
  • 87% success rate


Is it a Scam?

Bitcoin Revolution is one of the oldest robots operating in the market and one of the most well-known. Although there have been claims it’s a scam, we have not found evidence of this.

Is there a minimum deposit?

Bitcoin Revolution is free to use as a demo when you want to make live trades, you only need to deposit 250 in your chosen denomination to start.

Is Bitcoin Revolution endorsed by any celebrities?

Although people like Richard Branson are big fans of Bitcoin, he has not officially endorsed any company related to the market.

Has Bitcoin Revolution been featured on Dragon’s Den?

There are no known links between the show or the platform.

Is there a Mobile App Available?

Unfortunately, not, it works, as is the case with most platforms, via your web browser.

Can You Make Money Using It?

As one of the oldest and most popular automatic trading systems in the world, it has a reasonably high success rate and plenty of users have spoken of the fortune they have made with it. However, there’s always a risk with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Read our review to find out more and then try the platform yourself. Remember, you can begin with a demo account.